Thursday, May 31, 2007

Skin Tones

"Correspondent Hsu" sent these pictures of an incredible installation found in a gallery she stumbled upon in Barcelona, Spain. Guess she knows about my fascination with panty hose. Hose are such a bizarre material, it's like snake skin for humans that comes packaged in a plastic egg for $3 and you can buy it at your local market while picking up groceries.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chimera Among Us

Ever since whitespace gallery underwent a slick transformation last fall at the hands of architects Brian Bell and David Yokum, the owner and curator, Susan Bridges has been delivering one incredible show after another. Friday night was no exception. "Chimera Among Us" was a show of installation/sculpture by Atlanta artists (and roommates) Julia Hill and Caroline Smith. The creature-like organic forms by both artists worked well shown together and they inhabited the walls and floor of the gallery in harmony, playing with space and light, creating a world all their own.

The two artists stemmed from different backgrounds of study, Julia Hill studied sculpture and in one installation (images above) welded nails together to create reed-like forms emerging from wall-mounted pods. Caroline Smith studied ceramics and her craftsmanship was top notch in a sculpture that I was completely seduced by (images below) and had to resist the temptation to rub myself against it's velvety underbelly.

The shows is up until June 02, check it out while you can. Installation shows like this shouldn't be missed - it's a pity their existence is so brief. More info at