Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Out with the Old In with the New

So it kind of goes without saying that I've had to put the blog to rest (no post since, uh, November). I've had to return my focus back towards my own work but I'm leaving this blog up as a resource for all those out there googling one Atlanta artist or gallery or another. But as Cinque rightly pointed out, ending the blog with pictures of coffins isn't the best feng shui - so I figure ending it with foe-toes of my pup will bring all sorts of good karma my way.

Awe. Little Junior. He's all grown up and wet... having fallen into a waterfall.

I officiated my first wedding in front of that waterfall and Jay-tard was ring bearer. We come as a packaged deal.

Go and Kas had a very beautiful wedding (and this is coming from someone who doesn't usually care for weddings all that much).

The bride-to-be gathering her courage.

The rings are wooden, carved by the bride 'n groom for each other. There was some frantic late-night sanding taking place on my porch in the days leading up. During the ceremony Jay scampered through the woods with those rings tied around his neck. I'm glad they didn't fall off.

"Stop taking pictures of me"

Say Bye Jay.

Lost though you may feel without me, stay current on the Atlanta art scene by checking out Burn Away: www.burnaway.org (which I keep wanting to call Burning Man). They keep the information flowing.