Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday Suits

Exactly one year ago today, I decided to stop complaining about the lack of art blogs dedicated to the lively Atlanta art scene, and start writing one. A good deal of anxiety went along with this, as I am not a writer, not a critic, not all that Internet savvy, and generally disinterested in what I have to say. But I have a habit of carrying a camera around and a great deal of hope and pride for the artists in the city, and so, there you have it.

What surprised me in all of this was how much I actually began to enjoy the blog. It's sort of a ball and chain (though completely self imposed and therefore one gets no sympathy) which forces me to pause a little longer to consider the art I see and through the blog I have gained a greater awareness of, dare I say the much fussed over word, community.

So happy one year to Local E, this gives me great excuse to drin - err - celebrate. And I figure with this post I can upload whatever I please, so here are some pictures of Junior (who obviously grew up with a camera in his face often enough to now enjoy the attention) and Daddy #2.

We went hiking, it started raining (story of my life), we hung out under a fallen tree.

Jay was tired and dozed off.


Julie said...

Well, Happy Birfday to LE!

I agree that knowing you have to write about what you're looking at does make you slow down and take more time with it. I find I get the most out of the shows I have to write papers about afterward. It's actually one of the reasons I want to start keeping a blog to review shows I go to... I think it will deepen my experience with the art.

Cinque said...

Happy anniversary! After the 3-post hurdle and the 6-month "what the fuck am I doing this for" slump, the 1-year anniversary is key. Congratulations you are now an institution.

Jeremy said...

"6-month 'what the fuck am I doing this for' slump"

= all too familiar.

I do it for the love.

And free wine.

(It's addictive, actually, and it's been a blast to meet everyone in person. Blogging is one of the funnest things I've ever got myself into...

besides, you know, those random abandoned buildings in New Orleans, etc...)

David said...

happy birthday, L.E.! and thanks for the present of the super cute pictures of jay...i was smiling already, but then literally laughed out loud from delight at the one where he had dozed off!