Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a Good Things We All Wear Clothes (!)

Starting a couple of new projects.

Got free tix to the Russian Ballet at the Fox.

There were a surprisingly large number of Russians in attendance.

JT spent a lot of time trying to liberate a frisbee caught in a tree

It was tense to say the least.

Just got this book

I am really digging Condo's figures

especially these

and these.

And I heard Anthony McCann give a reading as part of the Emory Poetry Series. Everyone reading that night was incredible. You should get his new book out by Wave Books and read it out loud to yourself or whoever happens to be sleeping beside you. Here is a poem:

by Anthony McCann

Later, on the ridge, in samurai dress
I appear. It's me. In mustache. And gear.

The most is full of
the cries of
BIRDS. Beyond that moat is
TEENAGE FRANCE. There youths frolic,
pace and

resemble me. But
what kind of person
is a person

like this? My fingers
put shadows
on all of the

as just
beyond song
scrape up the sky.

We ride
on a haycart
down through
their codes. In the village

the villagers
in blue codes. Our fathers

make shadows
all over their
caps. I mean

our fingers
make shadows
on the faces
of cops. We cross the

late bridge
to our fathers.

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