Wednesday, December 12, 2007

That's What I'm Talkin Bout

The next time you go out for lunch

look no further. Alright, so you have to forgive the "clever" name, which is the only bad thing about the place, otherwise it's awesome. Awesome if you're into organic, vegetarian food made only from local produce, and whipped into something incredibly tasty. Actually, even if that's not your thing you'll still like this place.

Sweet nectar in a glass.

Every detail in accounted for here, even the recycled napkins. The place is currently only serving lunch, but the chef David Sweeney (wouldn't the name "Sweeney's" have been better?) is planning to branch out into dinner eventually. It's communal seating with a little market in back... ok, so I know this is suppose to be an art blog and not a restaurant guide...

look! art on the placemats, how convenient. Leftovers from the Atlanta Celebrates Photography art-on-placemats project. I had never really appreciated the idea until this moment, when I looked down and said, "hey, even the placemats are cool here, wait a second, these aren't just any placemats..."
The above images are by the Polish photographer Margarete Jakschik from her "Pardon My Heart" series. She lives and works in Cologne, Germany. The below image "Open Closed" is by Able Brown, a park ranger in Forest Park, Queens. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

But more importantly...

the food is so damn good.

The menu changes daily depending on the availability of produce/ingredients and the menu is limited to only two options, along with tea and dessert. My recommendation: hope one of the two options has pesto on it and order that one.

Dynamic Dish is located at 427 Edgewood Ave near the intersection with Boulevard. (If you are heading south on Boulevard turn right on Edgewood and it is a block down on the left).

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