Friday, December 21, 2007


Last week I went by the Contemporary for the Open House/Open Studios to meander through the Contemporary's selected artist's studios. I ended up talking too much to make it to all of the studios, but here are some of highlights from what I did see:

Photographer David Knox documents the south and his studio walls were covered with these rich assortments of photographs, ranging from antique portraits to experiments in the darkroom.

I always like to see a miter saw sitting in a darkroom, there are good things happening here.

Sculptor Ann Rowles had these great skeletal pieces made from found doilies. The piece above "Porosity" resulted from Rowles caring from her elderly mother struggling with Osteoporosis.

Ben Roosevelt had this cool wall of silhouetted figures cut from felt.

I don't know, too cool for school?

Painter Laura Bell has got a brand new cute little babe and a show at Kiang Gallery in January of '08.

I really liked these works on paper by Craig Dongoski. I think I heard they have something to do with music and translating it through the body, but I could be wrong. Seems like sound waves doesn't it?

Turns out when I saw photographer Laura Noel's work at the ACP Portfolio Walk (previous post here) and noted she "must have a thing for smokers" I wasn't quite connecting the dots considering the series "Deliver Me" is all about smokers smoking. The portraits are really excellent, you've got to check out the series on Noel's website. This one might be my favorite:

No doubt she has got some stories to tell. Noel, along with David Knox, will be showing work at the Contemporary in Feb '08.

I've got my eye on you...

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