Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Show 'n Tell

More on my art-packed Saturday - I spent a majority of the day getting my photography looked over at Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio review. It was a great opportunity to meet with gallery owners, curators, etc to discuss the work and also the fine art photography business in general. Admittedly, I left the reviews feeling a little disappointed in the lack of actual critique I received, but with a 20 minute time limit there may not have been enough time for the reviewers to dig that deeply.

The highlight of the entire experience was the Artwalk later that night at Grady High School. The 58 photographers involved in the review were given tables to lay out their work and the great citizens of Atlanta walked through, turning the place into a show 'n tell of really incredible photography. I was so impressed by what I saw, here are a some favorites:

Chuck Hemard from Columbus, GA was there. It was cool to meet him and see more of his work after seeing three of his pieces in the current "Responding to Home" show at MOCAGA that I wrote this post about.

Nancy Floyd, professor of photography at Georgia State, has a great series on guns and the women who use them.

Laura Noel's candid photographs were stunning and in retrospect I think she may have a thing for watching people smoke.

Pamela Pecchio, from Asheville, NC, had really incredible work. (and a cool tattoo)

The photograph below is called "Sutures." Why do I love this so much?

And from getting close enough to take this one Pecchio said she actually got lyme disease (which, let it be known, she has since been cured of). All I have to say is - it was so worth it.

The very cute Stephanie Dowda was showing off her work. She also has some work at the current Beep Beep show - pictures of which can be seen in this posting. And will also be in the "21 Under 30" show opening this Friday.

Her work takes a very different approach to portraiture by placing herself in the frame with the close friend she is photographing. The portraits become more narrative but the figure of Dowda seems to be engaging the viewer more than the subject. For me the works seem like I am being let in on a secret, Dowda is very aware of the viewer, and is purposefully showing the viewer an intimate moment, while acknowledging this action to the point of placing herself in front of the camera instead of behind it.

And Christian Bradly West who is also in the show '21 Under 30" opening Friday.

His photographs are created with silver emulsion on aluminum and the imagery is layered and rich. (Hope that kid didn't get lyme disease).

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