Monday, October 1, 2007

Stuffed and Burned

Despite Creative Loafing foolishly overlooking Little Bangkok as best Thai food in the "Best of 2007" edition they were more on point naming Jody Fausett as "Critics Choice Best Photographer". His show at whitespace last spring definitely deserves the praise.

Cheer up Jody - you're a winner...

Another savvy decision was naming Beep Beep Gallery "Best New Gallery". It's nice to see an art scene growing in midtown. Speaking of which, I went by to check out the group show "Plastic Makes Perfect" of photography created using Holga and Lomo plastic cameras.

Darin Melton used a holga to photograph illuminated landscapes. The image above reminded me, by sharp contrast, of Hemard's depiction of Georgia's abundant kudzu - What a difference lighting can make.

The work "Moments of Indifference" by John Paul Floyd was the stunner of the show. Composed of multiple 4"x6" photographs taken with a Lomo camera, I'm not sure how the images would stand alone but together it offers an interesting abstracted narrative in saturated colors.

Stephanie Dowda took her Lomo underwater where everything always looks better.

"The Ability to Contract"

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