Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Full Length of Life

Atlanta suffered a great loss last week with the passing of Ronnog Seaberg at the age of 75. Her acrobatic and spoken word performances, done with her husband Steve, have been some of my favorite and most inspiring art experienced in Atlanta.

Here is a shot from the SCULPTUREYEDRUM show in January 07. Seeing this performance during the opening really set the tone for an incredible showing of sculpture.

The last performance I saw of the Seabergs was at The Contemporary as part of the 'Talent Show". Ronnog's politically charged poetry, paired with a saxophone played by Steve, was truly moving. From racism to the blunders of the current president, Ronnog's words had a transfixing power.

I never knew her personally but Ronnog's energy is something all artists should aspire towards.
Steve emailed this out, it's Ronnog's last poem


Old age like a tiger
ripping at your skin
to set your mind free.
We kneel of course.

If old age has such force
what strength birth should be
or the full length of life
and the whole earth!

The old silent movies run
from rusty projectors.
The spiderwebs the spiders spun
on spider spindles
food and fun.

Ronnog Seaberg
10.15 2007

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bookishredhead said...

Just in case you hadn't heard yet-there's a memorial service planned for Ronnog. Here's the info. Hope you can attend.

A Celebration of Rönnog Seaberg, Eyedrum, 11.9.07

Rönnog Seaberg (1932 – 2007)
photos: Mark Wolfe

Friday, November 9
8 pm
Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery
290 MLK Jr. Drive, SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

On Friday, November 9, Steve Seaberg invites everyone to remember and celebrate the life of his late wife, Rönnog Seaberg (1932 – 2007).

Rönnog Seaberg, mother, poet, author, and long standing and beloved member of Atlanta’s arts community, died at home on Wednesday, October 17, 2007. Her last poem “Old Age”, dated October 15, 2007, is included below.

With her husband of 50 years, Mrs. Seaberg created a new art form: acrobatic poetry. It was the physical expression of a life that embraced the world, relied on strong family support and always broke conventions.

Born in Sweden, Mrs. Seaberg earned degrees in literature and religion from the University of Uppsala. She met her Chicago-born husband while he was visiting relatives in her native country. The couple moved to Spain, wed in Morocco and vowed to live life as artists in America. They

A memorial celebration is scheduled for 8 pm Nov. 9 at the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. The evening will include films and videos of performances by the Seabergs, as well as performances by the remaining company of Seaberg Acrobatic Poetry, a troupe that included the Seabergs and younger performers. There will also be performances by several Atlanta-based performance artists including Allison Rentz and Nat Slaughter.

Rönnog Seaberg’s obituary, from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, can be read here –