Monday, January 7, 2008

Exits & Rears

This past Saturday marked the last opening for Young Blood Gallery at their Glenwood Ave location. The gallery and boutique will be moving on to a new yet-to-be disclosed location and opening up shop on a yet-to-be disclosed date in the near future. Maybe they are going for a "bigger and better" deal but I'm going to miss the old gallery space.

Considering the importance of this "last art show" I found it a bit anti-climatic.

"Lotje, woensday nacht" - silk screen

Guess I was hoping for a strong group show bringing together some of the more interesting and popular artists to have shown in the gallery during years past, almost as a retrospective of what experimental/exciting happenings the space has helped facilitate for young artists. End things with a bang.

"Pasqual, maandag avond" - silk screen

Instead the last show is a quiet, no surprises, kind of event. The artist Lorien Jordan is showing a series of silk screens made while completing a residency in Amsterdam, called "Negotiable Affection" and I would say the works delve as deeply into the subject matter as the title may imply.

"Pasqual, dinsdag nacht" - silk screen

Jordan went to Amsterdam to study silk screening, and said the medium was appropriate for the representation of the women working the red light district because they have been portrayed in art for so long, becoming such a stereotypical icon, that the reproductive/mass media quality of silk screening would in effect acknowledge this.

"Elsa, maandag nacht" - silk screen

Maybe, but I do not think the silk screen medium was being used to any greater effect than gouache or markers on paper could accomplish.

"Drieendertig donderdag avond"

Out of the show I thought the grouping of smaller prints were the strongest (images above and below), both compositionally, color wise, and also the tighter, more detailed way in which they were drawn. The had a Gorey-esque feel to them with a strong narrative and illustrative quality. The smaller line detail and smaller print size both gave them an intimacy lacking in the larger silk screens.

"Pasqual, maandag nacht"

You've got until January 27th 08 to pay your respects to the old Glenwood Ave gallery space. Stop on by.


littlejoke said...

Do you mean February 5? January 5 was the night that the show opened.

Jonathan said...

hey, at least I got the year right... Shows closes Jan 27th

AsianCajuns said...

I stopped by during the day on Saturday and was upset to learn that they haven't found a new place yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that they reopen sooner than later.

Jonathan said...

I was told they wanted to take a couple of months off to recoup - hopefully they'll revamp their website in the meantime.