Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Stimu-nator

Monday night I was at Eyedrum

for a little audio/visual STIMU-ELATION.

Toy Party Attack made some intense music while gnawing on microphones and tackling innocent bystanders. Note the guy in the yellow track suit - he was inspiring.

They paired the music with a video flashing on screen of warped and distorted cultural icons... Teletubbies for example

and Richard Simmons doing the crazy dance. Man, I love Richard Simmons.

Next up was Ultimate Reality, a collaboration between Dan Deacon and Jimmy Joe Roche, both from Baltimore. Intense electronic music is paired with a video montage of clips from old Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. The music and video worked together seamlessly, creating a tight and trippy, dare I say, sense-sation? (alright alright, enough). I was surprised to find myself enjoying Ultimate Reality more than Dan Deacon's solo performances, although there is less of an excuse for jumping around.

Britt beholding the spectacle, as viewed from below.

Here's a taste of some revamped vintage Schwarzenegger:

I'd give this show a thumbs up.

Eyedrum apparently let's in the "underage." I'm not use to going to shows where I am in a crowd of high schoolers. Bah. I spent my high school years hanging out in people's backyards and the sonic parking lot.

There's Dan Deacon walking in front of Bean Summer's artwork. Why is Bean's artwork randomly sitting in the Eyedrum gallery space with a For Sale sign posted above?

Turns out artist Bean Summer (or Ben Worley?), who just had the show "Encyclopedia Studies" at Beep Beep Gallery (previous post here) was the less drunk half of the opening band Toy Party Attack.
Atlanta just got a little smaller.

Then it was Dan Deacon's time for some solo thrills. Pictures cannot capture what I continued to hear snippets of reverberating through my damaged ear canals all the following day, so check out this youtube video instead:

Dan had the crowd on their knees - and they were lovin it.

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