Friday, February 8, 2008

Atlanta Drivers

You can file this one under "Only in Midtown Atlanta." Around 1am a car ran into my apartment.

The guy missed his turn and plowed into the building.

His car got stuck while his wheels kept turning and burned off. It made a terrible noise, for a harrowing moment I thought it was a tornado. (I blame this miscalculation on being half asleep- last year when they blew up the Wachovia building I woke in a panic thinking Atlanta was being bombed.)

Then I thought the building was on fire as black smoke smelling of melting tires wafted in. Eventually the car dislodged itself from the brick facade and ran into a telephone pole.

It scared poor little Jay-Bird who was sleeping right under this window.

Like Jay's little heart, the guy driving survived, but it was hard to say whether his crazy yelling was caused by the accident or whatever mind altering drug got him there in the first place. It was a testament to the sturdy exterior of the hundred year old building that there wasn't even a dent. They just don't make 'em like they use to. That car would have plowed right through the cardboard constructed condos going up around here now.


David said...

OMG, that had to have scared y'all half to death! But what a super sweet picture of Jay!

jen said...

that's totally insane. lucky it wasn't worse.

poor little buddy.

AsianCajuns said...

How scary! Sounds like that car would have knocked down all of Atlantic Station in no time - considering that it's already falling down on its own.