Friday, February 15, 2008

Purple Monkey Suits

Whilst Master P slumbered

we snuck off to the Earl

to spend Vday with a bunch of liars.

Lead singer Angus Andrews wore a purple suit and was highly animated.


We danced.

Erin, or should I say The Formidable Flame, hit some guy with her hair.

The Liars had great energy.

Just what the doctor ordered.


what's with the kitten?

We were swayed into a night of depravity

investigatory probings

impassioned lasciviousness

we were but discarded shoes of the night, ill-fated for telephone lines.


patrick said...

Looks like a night befitting a Liars concert. Jealousy & love from Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

Aw, lil pee paws! i like your photo essay of our night out!

Fifth said...

Truer pictures were never taken.

Jonathan said...

Entertaining sure, but sorely lacking the company of those guys in philly. Next time....