Saturday, April 26, 2008

Miracle Dough

A few short days after making the claim that I had just attended the fanciest of reception parties, the bar was raised once more - or perhaps its more accurate to say the bar was raided. I can't say that I have ever seen a party so lavish, or accompanied by so much money, surrounding an art opening.

but really, what better excuse is there for a party? This was the tent (along with a minimalist bamboo jungle) placed outside to celebrate the grand kick off of the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, a non-profit photography gallery supporting local charities and local photographers.

Paul Hagedorn, the founder,

has his work on permanent display on the first gallery level

Stephanie Dowda "Rehearsal" Color analog prints

and the work of contemporary photographers on the second level. Judging by the premier, the caliber of artists shown is going to be very high, adding another much needed venue for contemporary artists, especially in the Buckhead area of the city - it is, after all, a whole different crowd.

"Gather It" Color analog prints

Stephanie Dowda is showing four large works from her "Time & Time" series which, surprisingly, look incredibly polished when individually framed. Dowda likes to remain vague on the subject matter of particular photographs, but the series as a whole explores "how memory fuses our past and present, affecting our understanding of reality and ourselves. "

"Gather It" detail

Along the lines of recollection, these works deal with color, each piece dominated by a particular hue, intertwining the passage of time, a saturation of color associated moods, small details and larger abstractions of space, into fragmented narrations of memory.

"If Anything" Color analog prints

"Persist" Color analog prints

John Paul and Stephanie, dazed by the flash. I feel as though I am turning into some sort of amateur paparazzi.

I was also lucky enough to run into the infamous Jeremy, of Ghostmap Microwave, who coincidentally likes whiskey doubles (sign of good character) and penned an excellent review of Dowda's show here that everyone ought to read.

Paired with Dowda is Andrea Brown, showing a series of silver gelatin prints that also speak of solitude and intimate details, in the way that memories parcel out a personal history.

"Found Valona V" silver gelatin print

"Found Valona VI" silver gelatin print

I couldn't help but think the work struggled in the presence of Dawda's colorful photographs, as Brown's photographs are as small as Dawda's are large, and placed into a grid that resulted in individual pieces being lost to the overall formation.

"Pgs. Collection" detail - silver gelatin print

But upon further inspection there were some very nice photographs laying within the gridwork.

"Pgs. Collection" detail

Formal connections being made along with snippets of implied narrative.
Overall, it's a really sharp show in the upstairs of the Hagedorn - I highly recommend you check it out. Show up until May 31st 2008.


Jeremy said...

Excellent! Such an unexpectedly wild show...

Can I link to you (and, more specifically... to your image of Rehearsal?)

Thanks for the mention Jonathan. It was a treat to finally meet'cha.

Miss Darrow said...

I feel a little tinge of guilt about this self-promotion, but if you are free on Thursday night you shold try and make it out to Spruill's opening. It should be worth the drive.

Ant said...

Very a nicea, indeed.