Saturday, April 12, 2008

Your Polly Ann

Here at last, pictures from the opening of "The Axe & The Spade" at Ruby Green Gallery in Nashville.

The show of photography and installations by Adam Davis, John Trobaugh, and myself came together really nicely. It felt good to attach "T-Tower" to a gallery ceiling once more and I met a feisty older woman who said she use to own a lacy slip just like this one and it reminded her "of all the good times she had in it".... best compliment ever.

I managed to coerce some folks into making the drive up from Aht-Lanta.

Like Cassie 'n Hassie

Davis had a grouping of photographs documenting his series "Take Out Your Hammers and Loosen Their Belts." A brilliant series involving billboards, bumper stickers, and voice mails dealing with the reaction of rural southern towns towards homosexuality and the virility of John Henry. It's worth the read!

And bumper stickers planted across Nashville. Apply to bumper and find yer own Polly Ann.

Trobaugh plays with dolls and creates surprisingly controversial works.

Davis showed the installation "Just Another Dear John Letter"

And had a new karaoke piece in which he changed the words to popular songs to emphasize sexual and racial stereotypes. I'm the last person you'd want as a partner when playing the "hum-dinger" challenge in Cranium and so I had trouble picking up on the melodies and original lyrics but it elicited much laughter from the slightly sharper crowd.

My wall. Decided to rehang the entire thing the afternoon of the opening but it was worth every stressful minute.

This photograph is brand spankin new, too new for a frame. I think I am really anti-frames these days. Let it be called "Yellow Hair."

Here is another rump spankin newbie called "Bag of Snakes", oh wait no, this is Daniel, the man behind the ruby curtain. He took us on a tour of the town later that night - that post still to come.

John Trobaugh "Aerron Outside"

This is one of my favorites. Trobaugh's use of light and perspective makes these eerily real.

Christopher 'n Ken.

John Trobaugh right, Cinque (find out what he's thinking here) left.

John Trobaugh "Coincedence: They Just Happened to Meet in Front of the Library"

The three of us put our heads together when preparing this show to put into words our common link, this is what we came up with: "[The artists take] different approaches towards an exploration of the disconnect between idealized masculinities and the reality of human nature. Through the appropriation of gender signifiers and the creation of alternate spaces, these artists attempt to reshape the cultural context in which they exist. The artworks are intended catalyst for a change in perception, imbued with the artists' own yearning and discontent with waiting."

Beth the birthday girl.

John Trobaugh "Take My Jacket Please"

The show is up through May 24th 2008. Go check it out

(and treat yourself to a weekend of all that Nashvegas has to offer.)


Fifth said...

Trobaugh's photos remind me of Sheila Bright.

Creative Loafing used one of her photographs of dolls as their covers a few months ago.

Jonathan said...

I've been thinking about the similarities/differences between those two artists as well. I keep meaning to ask Trobaugh his opinion...