Thursday, June 14, 2007

In case you missed it the first go round

You still have another chance to see Beth and I stomp 'n stammer and try to explain ourselves and the concepts lurking beneath our work.

ARTIST TALK SATURDAY, JUNE 16th, 11am! At whitespace!

The "Integuments" show at whitespace gallery featuring paintings by Beth Marcum and photographs, drawings, and sculptures by myself, opened last Friday night amidst a flood of gallery openings across the city. Unfortunately, I was too busy talking to remember to take pictures but I did get a couple of shots in the gallery earlier in the day, in the pre-opening quiet.

Beth is happy to finally be able to sit down for a second beside her monkey painting entitled "Appetite".

Here is a shot of my installation "T-tower" just after doing the final touches. More pictures to come...


Brian said...

wow... WOW!

H to the N said...

I LOVE your installation! Your tower did work out!!!! I am so sad still that I did not make it. I want to see more fotos!!