Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Grizzly Bear Killed It

You can go ahead and name me president of the Atlanta Chapter of the Grizzly Bear fan club. Their show at Variety Playhouse last night was dynamite. They played almost everything off of the Yellow House album along with Daniel Rossen singing the haunting American folk song "Deep Blue Sea" and Ed Droste singing a cover of "He Hit Me and it Felt Like a Kiss" (which makes me swoon like a little school girl).

It was odd they were the opening act for Feist considering how much more talented as musicians they are with more complex melodies and lyrics. Their set was an amazing layering of harmonies. I was astounded by the huge crowd that apparently came for Feist and spent the entire concert in total euphoria over what sounded to me like Ani Difranco on a bad day. All I know is Cat Power could take her down in a matter of seconds and she wouldn't even need the aid of a broken beer bottle.

Here is my least blurry shot of Grizzly Bear singing "He Hit Me"

I left Feist halfway through on the hunt for some Grizzly Bear which I found outside. I walked up just in time to witness guitarist Chris Taylor giving haircuts to two guys from the Atlanta band Deerhunter on the sidewalk.

Then I met singer, songwriter Ed Droste who is incredibly friendly and talked with me for a while. I spent a majority of the time trying to convince him to check out my show at whitespace gallery. Here is a shot by Bradford Cox, lead singer of Deerhunter, who borrowed my camera to accost Ed Drost:

And most importantly, here is shot of me, looking a little too excited, trying to hug up on Ed. (that poor guy)

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