Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two headed beasts

Terence Koh: You see, or cannot, that I am a two headed beast. I am both hairless albino wolf and rabbit with a pink uni-horn. A two-headed beast is harder to kill and has twice the teeth.
AFH: Do rabbits even have teeth?
TK: Oh yes! Bunnies have the sharpest teeth. They need it to bite evil art critics!
AFH: Cute. I guess that makes sense since you’ve been living in rough places like New York and London but now you are in LA and your current work, with its Zen and cum juxtapositions, has a particularly West Coast sensibility.
TK: “Zen and cum esthetic” makes it sound like I do work that would entice rich Beverly hill's women who do yoga, practice s/m, decorate their backyards with pretty Japanese stones or phallic water fountains and who also collect art. Actually that pretty much describes my ideal collector. I think my work is particularly well suited to be installed within the backyards of LA. Source

Terence Koh
These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Light
crystal chandelier, paint, lollipops, vegetable matter, human and horse hair, mineral oil, rope from a ship found after midnight, glass shards, stones and artist's blood and shit
190 x 72 cm

Terence Koh
These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Drums
drum kit, paint, ropes from a ship found after midnight, black wax, plaster, vegetable matter, crushed insect parts, artist's blood and cum
100 x 163 x 100cm

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