Friday, July 18, 2008

The Build Up

Went over to the Contemporary last Friday for their newest host of openings. Managed to get pictures of what's going down in Gallery Four, the work of three artists from the Studio Artists Program, all of whom are coming to the end of their tenure in the program.

Eric Mack "RKSB-27" 2007 - mixed media/acrylic

Eric Mack "NVZA-171" 2007 - mixed media/acrylic

"NVZA-171" 2007 - detail

Craig Dongoski, "Duration I" 2008 - Ink on paper

"Duration II" 2008 - Ink on paper

"Duration III" 2008 - Ink on wood

I'm not sure on the unifying theme for grouping these three artists in the space. While Mack and Dongoski are both working in the abstract - each of their works embodying a high level of movement - the process and purpose behind the two artist's work seem entirely different. At the risk of making some large assumptions, I interpret Dongoski's work to be very process driven, each repetitive line a seeming response to the one drawn before it, adding up to create dynamic sound-wave shaped movements. The drawings seem partially out of Dongoski's control, each piece the result of an experiment of subconscious action and the limitations of material and space.

"Duration III" - detail

In contrast, Mack's acrylic paintings read as unified objects. The artist applies the paint and collage with the overall composition in constant consideration. While Dongoski's work contains the tension of varying sound-wave shapes colliding, Mack's paintings gel into one plane of turbulent continuity, offering the viewer a theatrical escape that Dongoski's work avoids.

Tim Hunter, "Vanishing Songbirds" - 2007

"Vanishing Songbirds" - 2007

Tim Hunter's wood-carved song birds are even more removed in process and purpose from the other artists. But upon further inspection the extreme detail of Hunter's carving, the small tedious notches creating both texture and movement in the wood, recall Dongoski's myriad of small ink-marks that make up the large bands of shape in his drawings. Perhaps the shared theme is the level of intense repetition in each of the three artist's processes?

"Vanishing Songbirds" - detail

Better than my speculation, plan on hearing all three artists talk about their work this Thursday, July 24th 2008 at 7pm. Make it if you can. Show up until August 31st 2008.

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david said...

wow, thanks for the close-ups of the works. the last one, of the wood-carving, especially. what an impressive amount of detail and just plain work he put into that!