Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rock Not Included

Elizabeth Latta, "Sweet Love" - Mixed Media

You'd never believe what those crazy artists will do to 12" vinyls.

Foe-toes from the 4th annual Vinyl Show at New Street Gallery. A silent auction fund-raiser including records decorated and/or deconstructed by 50 artists.

Hey, it's Toya Northington

who's vinyl "Asian Traditionalism/American Commercialism" involves the Dye Sublimation process (that I still don't quite understand).

Left: Anita Arliss, "Whorl" - Mixed Media / Right: Jason Murphy "Skull" - Acrylic

The show looked excellent with a broad range of entries.

This had to be one of my favorite pairings. On the left, Valerie Pensworth Taylor's "Moving Away" (referencing her impending move to Portland, OR) was a drawing etched into a record spray painted white by using an exacto knife. And on the right is Katie Ridley's "Bobo Brazil" - a pencil drawing embodying the quirkiness that makes all her work so charming.

Kirsten Mitchell's "Cracklin." Materials listed as, "vintage porn, gravity, rock."

Nuff said.

Zarlacc, who just had an excellent show at Beep Beep early this summer, had this cosmic wave looking piece "Untitled." (Acrylic and Ink)

"Death Vinyl" by Joe Tsambiras really stood out in all its gold-leafed gory glory.

And Brandy Collier's piece "And I Can Make it Juicy For You" might have won for Best Title.

New Street owner Meshakai Wolf's resin coated photo print "Micro/Macro" reminded me of Jupiter and worked well in the round format.

Jakob Dwight's "Untitled" was another favorite, combining plastic aquarium foliage with acrylic water droplets, canvas, and gold paint to create one of the more subtly bizarre and interesting pieces in the show.

And here's my "25 Family Favorites" exploding record. Make all the broken record jokes you want, there is something really satisfying about smashing records with a hammer.

And last but not least (my camera died at this point) John Robert Schulz's "The Hypnotist" might have won for most insanely detailed. Done in Aquarelle on Rives BFK, it looked sharp.

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Jeremy Abernathy said...

Too bad I missed it. The Vinyl Show was one of my best memories from last year, and it looked even better this time.