Monday, September 15, 2008

The Look of One Happy Pup


Julia said...

When Jerry Saltz spoke at the Contemporary this week, he kept calling artists "cats" (we want everyone to worship us and think we're beautiful, but don't really want to do anything for it, I'm guessing???)
"Aw, man, but dogs are so much better..." a small part of julia whispered to herself.

Jonathan said...

Ha. If I had to choose between dogs and cats I'd definitly choose dogs, but I would have to agree with Saltz that artists are a bit more like cats. Then again, cats don't like to get dirty nearly as much as artists do.
Wish I could have made it to Saltz's talk, from what I have heard it sounded great.

david said...

Dogs, definitely. A friend of ours has painted a serious of self-portraits over the years, and my favorite is one of a cartoonish dog running and playing, all happy, with the caption, "Self-portrait as God intended me to be."

jen said...

puppy puppy puppy.
that's it.