Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He Was Not Foxing

What constitutes an Atlanta Artist anyway?

As opposed to an artist in, I don't know, Little Rock?

Collective consciousness heeding man-made geographical lines?

Who's the mover and who's the shaker? ITP or OTP? Under or over?

Pink Ladies, a current contender for summer drink.

New treasure found on the street.

It takes two baby to carry that loveseat.

Jizzle De Hearts played SoundTable

my face watched precariously close to Mr. Day's guitar.

A lone Brussel

everyone is hungry for a bit of attention.

Everyone is looking to be the best somewhere.

Saw this band

"fun" may or may not be a complementary description to say to a band.

fun light show

it was not fun, it was immensely engaging.

You may as well invent your own country for the declarations. Actually I saw a show about that once at the Palais De Tokyo.

This post was veering decidedly towards no art until

this! Who made this? It was fantastic sitting there

sort of entombed like, festering, felt like a real presence, all sure of itself

atlanta art or art in atlanta? It pays a tribute to night, solidarity, warehouses, echoes, living, no, better: memory of having lived once.

not art devised in a city for a city. That is what parks are for; little windows reminding what the land looked like before it was all hustle and bustle

little islands

peeping up through the cracks.

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