Monday, March 7, 2011

How Not to Burn in Your Own Momentum

The artist's mind

completed by the viewer?

Not as excitedly fertile at the moment

are the mountains of North Georgia

still slumbering, still unawares.

Junior, the determined yet inevitably befuddled squirrel chaser

ran circles around all the AT hikers planning to return this way when things have perked up.

When not hunting, JT prefers to lounge at home in something a little more comfortable.

That was all his idea.

Anyway, visited scad atlanta corporate headquarters

Kent Knowles, "Bloom," Oil on Panel, 2009

Saw these paintings.

Kent Knowles, "Bloom," Detail

They walk an interesting line

Kent Knowles, "Twin," Oil on Panel, 2008

quite comfortably I think.

Kent Knowles, "Twin," Detail

So what is it called when you burn? Body Drama.

I learned that from the ABRAMOVIC.

She was incredible right? Carried celebrity level energy with her. It was contagious the crowd was all titteringly excited. Admittedly, I was hoping she would make at least one audience member cry.

This is the opening of Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release at Whitespace Friday night.

Craig Dongoski, "Decay," 2011, Color Pencil on Paper, 22"x30"

Craig Dongoski's work has branched out into color.

Craig Dongoski, "Release," 2011, Color Pencil on Paper, 22"x30"

These newer pieces are responses to music. They read linearly almost like musical scores.

Craig Dongoski, "Release," Detail

The layers of line build on each other. I wrote about Craig's work before... err... ah, here.

Craig Dongoski, "{ }," 2011, Color Pencil on Paper, 48"x48"

I found the ABRAMOVIC to be unabashedly romantic about art in a way that pleased my starved soul. As thoughtful and concept driven as her work may be, it also deals with raw emotion. You know emotion?

Craig Dongoski, "{ }," Detail

Like when you can literally feel the weight of time as you look at an artwork laboriously crafted?

Craig Dongoski, "Duration: Spring 2009,"Oil Pencil on Birch, 63"x48"

Or like when you can feel the presence of mind, that meditative space the artist must have momentarily drifted into and essentially documented with the habitual rhythm of his hands?

Craig Dongoski, "Duration: Spring 2009,"Detail

The ABRAMOVIC was full of good fodder. She feels strongly that only through long durational work does it become transformational for the artist. Only by struggling through that time do you deal with the real truth.

And most importantly, art must be true. Wise words.