Thursday, February 24, 2011


"Feather," Sharon Shapiro, Watercolor on Paper.

This blog is officially on a roll with the sex theme.

"Madonna Inn," Sharon Shapiro, Watercolor on Paper.

Who me?

had lemon meringue

saw the Sharon Shapiro show "California."

"Heaven," Sharon Shapiro, Watercolor on Paper.

Paintings of 70's Playboy images

with some nice frantic stroking.

"Sunday," Sharon Shapiro, Acrylic on Canvas

It's interesting how many artist make work on the subject of pornography. John Currin, Cecily Brown, Thomas Ruff, Larry Clark, just to name a few well-knowns.

"Busy," Sharon Shapiro, Watercolor on Paper

But here's my beef, I am not convinced they are making work on the subject of pornography as much as they are just commandeering the imagery. Some artist are inspired by pornography, eager for their work to posses the same carnal energy. Some are perhaps trying to "elevate" it to a higher level through slightly abstracted replication.

"Pearl," Sharon Shapiro, Watercolor on Paper

Where are the artists actively engaging and challenging the mechanism of pornography itself? That work I haven't seen yet although Jeff Koons was on the right track when he pointed out the very thin veil between high art and high poon.

Changing tracks only slightly. It's John Q at Outwrite.

Andy, Joey, Wesley curated an issue of JOSH and had a launch party.

I spent too much time talking and they sold out before I could buy one. Story of my life.

It's Trevor! He knows how to smooth talk a bartender.

and he's got a new cute pup!

Also happening the same night and at the same time at Charis, poet Eileen Myles gave a reading to raise money for the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival. Since I missed it you'll have to settle for a poem instead of a picture.


by Eileen Myles








I fight

the constant



I fight