Friday, February 11, 2011

Lip Locked And Tongue Tied Tomorrow

Let's say one minute your trash has toilettes in it

but then your sky has this.

Traded Dekalb Ave.

for a more scenic route.

A good state for driving.

For skipping B and going straight to C.

Good state for plundering.

William said I couldn't show anyone this picture because he hadn't put his face on yet.

I kind of wish all of my furniture was mirror plated. And my plates too.

Here's some advice for those being haunted

and in need of instruction for vanquishing ghosts

there's this thing you can do.

Firstly, plunder an old forgotten closet

and find a fox fur coat.

Secondly, take it dancing outside.

Thirdly, define your boundaries

for better results, work in a circle from the inside out.

You can chant for added effect. It works

at least for as long you keep up the running.

South Carolina.

Family, all rosy cheeked and resolute.

Kate Kretz "Your Fragility..." 2010

What you are now looking at is a child's garment embroidered with mother's hair from gestation period. It reads: "your fragility in this sharp world is paralyzing."

Karen Tauches, "Paradise, Cabbagetown Installation," 2010

Welcome to Dalton Gallery's "My Sweet, Sweet..." curated by Lisa Alembik, who has to be one of - if not the biggest - champion of Atlanta artists currently curating large ambitious shows.

Karen Tauches, "Paradise, Cabbagetown Installation," Detail, 2010

Alembik is always looking for a connecting pulse to this place. Kind of like Tauches' neon-light billboard project "Paradise" displayed in her Cabbagetown side yard garden in 2010. Which had to be the most poignant piece of Atlanta-specific art to be made that year.

Am I right or what? Paradise in NEON, drifting above a lot of wildflowers, complained about by neighbors because of the light pollution (or so I think I heard), god it's Atlanta in all her dirty commercialized space wasting absurdity.

Jason Murphy, "Hansy," 2010, Pencil on Duralar, 23"x29"

And look at this obscenely raw portrait! Those beady eyes. Gross I can't stop looking and loving.

Jason Murphy, "Gorilla Mask," 2011, Pencil on Duralar, 8"x10"

Jason Murphy has a way of drawing that can be so uncomfortably visceral.

Jason Murphy, "Family Portrait," 2010, Pencil on Duralar, 21"x25"

Vibrational even. Family portrait. Sweet Sweet indeed.

Jason Murphy, "Family Portrait," Detail, 2010, Pencil on Duralar, 21"x25"

Look at the meatiness.

Karen Tauches, "Paradise," 2010, Neon, 2'x10'

Out of context of an urban side yard Paradise starts to take on an entirely different meaning. In the Dalton Gallery it was nicely paired with two small video pieces, becoming a looming specter, further unsettling the already anxious ridden home movies on display.

Larry Jens Anderson, "Miss Lois," 2011, Digital Image, coffee, handmade paper, prismacolor.

Larry Jens Anderson's piece "Miss Lois" nailed the aim of the show for me.

The delicate naivete of youth blown up and laid bare.

when Lois is just Lois and Ruth is just her "traveling companion."

Jillian MacDonald, "Screen Kiss," 2005, DVD

Love; the tricky business of lounge music and disco balls.

Jillian MacDonald, "Screen Kiss," 2005, DVD

And Johnny Depp in drag.

Jillian MacDonald, "Me and Billy Bob," 2003, DVD

Artist Jillian MacDonald added an element of hilarity by superimposing herself into romantic film moments with various heartthrobs.

Jillian MacDonald, "Me and Billy Bob," 2003, DVD

All apparently in a ruse to make Billy Bob jealous after he broke her heart (or so the story goes).

Jillian MacDonald, "Screen Kiss," 2005, DVD

Keaneu Reeves. ha. You need the background music to really feel this piece.

Jillian MacDonald, "Screen Kiss," 2005, DVD

Get it girls. Making me see red all over.

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