Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've Been Sleeping on Your Pillow

Yes, exactly.

This is a good year

especially when you get a fluke weekend of sunshine

and the city looks golden and momentarily attractive.

Biking around in shorts in January.

I've learned to like the inbetweens.

Subtlety. Nay, accidents.

Working behind the scenes

of my own mind.

It's a prickly place, the mind.

William visited with his fan (article #1 of the forthcoming Antoinette outfit).

And I went to Athens

to see Forever Young projected big for the 6x6 festival.

Mr. Hits showed me ATHICA late night.

The new show "Taking Part." The artists all collaborate with or respond to other people, many becoming social anthropologist of a sort.

Apparently the more appropriate term is "Participatory Art." Like the project by Michael Lease entitled "Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On."

For example, take this striking woman

who was similarly striking in High School.

She sent her Brooklyn apartment window view of the world.

And her bed. I love photos of pillows and beds.

Or take this guy from High school

who now has a pleasant view of a brick wall

has grown up

and sleeps in an amazing dinosaur bed. It was easy to get distracted and spend a long time running circles through this piece, sort of like Facebook except less gross.

Hope Hilton, "Walk With Me: Athens," 2011

Hope Hilton, who loves walking like I love beds, asks gallery visitors to draw maps of their favorite walks in Athens. She then does each walk - experiencing some intimate glance into a stranger's routine.

I wonder what she thinks about on these walks. How quickly they become her own?

Brian Hitselberger, "Psalm," 2010-2011, Double-Sided Silkscreen Prints on Card Stock on Wooden Shelf.

Mr. Hits, poignant and austere and gorgeous as ever,

collaborated with his father. Each wrote this line

and Mr. Hits transformed it into a screen print on the front and back of each piece of paper.

One for each visitor to take. This is my kind of participation. I took four.


2byoung said...

I was giddy seeing that Local ephemera had a posting and you might be back to the blog...i always love reading and seeing what you have to share. all i can say is more more more, please :) hugs tbYL

Lizzie Z. Saltz said...

Thank you so much for your present and personal response to Taking Part in the form of this lovely visual essay! I am so glad 'Mr. Hits' could show you around that night of 6x6. Thanks too for linking to ATHICA.