Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dip it in Ranch

Here are a few shots of the Summer Open Studios night at The Contemporary.

I spent too much time talking and not enough time taking pictures. But I did manage to check out Michele Schuff's new space

which looks incredible considering she only just moved in a week prior.

And Nancy VanDevender is new this year as well.

Her mural sized wallpaper works are patterned scans of hand drawn tattoos

and will be shown at Emory University as part of VanDevender's solo show "Picking Cotton...Mississippi to Detroit" opening this Friday.

The show is going to be excellent and so worth the confusion of trying to find the gallery on the Emory campus.

Also made it into the studio of Angela West, who just situated herself into a new spot,

that is now covered in enough photographic proofs and interesting furniture to make it impossible to take it all in at once.

Is that the same cake from the Dead Flowers show? It's moldy and great.

Beth saved my neck by helping me move into my studio, I owe her many a cocktail.

Stole these shots off Erin's camera. We were all in need of some liqueur induced relaxation. Tried something called an Aperol Fizz, it smelled a bit fishy, apparently it was the raw egg.

Things get a bit hazier somewhere between 3 and 4.

Sweet potatoes become very entertaining.

And the ridiculous flash on my camera never ceases to amaze. It's worth taking a picture just to see how much is blown out.

Best imitation of a sweet potato I've seen.

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She is so funny. Love it.