Friday, January 14, 2011

Cupped n Capped

Photograph by Nicole Craine

This image makes for an excellent object to have a bit of controversy surrounding it. It's beautiful, innocently so, endearingly honest, and dare I say tastefully executed. Any vulgarity of subject attached to it, any sense of shame, is constructed completely by those attempting to censor it - in the end only making the censors themselves look absurd.

Image taken from Creative Loafing site

I'm not sure if this is driven more by a shame of one's own body or a fear that other's may be inspired into an awareness of their own.

Censorship is fascinating. Speaking of, I'm reading this excellent book at the moment.

It gives an argument for the pivotal role censorship has played in relation to modern art. Censorship may be inherently bad but it's spawned many an incredible thing.

Having now become a bit of a martyr Craine's image stands a chance of getting the attention it deserves.

It really is lovely.

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