Friday, January 28, 2011

Ya'll Say Hip

Hop to it.

If I were a camera

you'd see how intense the fog.

If I were a sound recorder

you'd hear how quite it buzzed.

Ever wondered what the back of the Earl looks like?

The room where people watch zombie movies to alleviate the anticipation.

I'm always hoping for something gilded in gold and throne chairs.

Maybe some palm fronds and a miniature harp.

Jack of Hearts.

Jizzle of Hearts.

Jardin de Hearts.

They killed it, they really did.

And I have a new found appreciation for mixologist of the non-bar variety.

Ever wonder what kind of crazy outfits the Nappy Roots wear?

Root de Nappy.

Soul de Napped.

Let's move on.

Clearly it's not as cold inside as out.

Never saw any hair whipping

but I did notice a trend of hands

in the air.

With resignation I acknowledge the unintended ode to Volfy. He's good that way.

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