Monday, January 10, 2011

No Day

The weekend started out innocently enough.

Allison Smith, A Good Haul (Or, an inventory of objects found by Huck and Jim in the house that was floating down the flooded Mississippi River), 2010, mixed media

for the Stephen Schofield and Dana Schutz talk.

Both of whom were incredibly genuine and open to discussing studio practices (which, interestingly, greatly differ: Shutz a more traditional painter working in the studio long hours under superficial lighting while Schofield draws much inspiration and material sources from his home, and other facets of daily life).

The question came up of defining success and both artists nimbly worked their way around answer it. Though it was reaffirming to hear Shutz say she very rarely tasted a feeling of success in her studio and whenever she did it was fleeting at best.

The struggles of an artists.

What else? For her personally, Shutz does not think the word "process"appropriately describes the act of painting. Mixing the paint is a process, but the somewhat subconscious act of actually painting is an organic, fluid, action; a set of responses as the painting unfolds.

That night the Skulz and I made our crawl down Ponce.

Tamara Argo "Untitled"

Look at this penguin with C-cups at Young Blood. No doubt a monstrous foreshadowing of things to come.

Jennifer Jenkins, "Hang II Stage" Intaglio, 17"x14"

And there was this nice diptych at the Kibbee Gallery print show "Glitter and Ghouls".


Who needs 'em?

Had to pay our respects at Church.

I swear these exact same lights hang in the sanctuary of my grandmother's Baptist church is South Carolina.

Though I don't remember a rooster in the bathroom.

Speaking of Sundays and the evenings therein.

When the sky dumped a short burst of snow

and the last place you'd want to be is the interstate

and the first place you'd want to be is Grant Park around 2am.

Who's got the half broken trashcan lid?

Turns out sledding on an old baby crib mattress really pads the ride down.

Fresh powder

and frolicking deer-like creatures.

Food goes gourmet when you're snowed in

and the sleds get inventive. Baby pool might have been my favorite (at least in theory).

Air mattresses did not seem to hold up as well as one might have hoped.

Trees shed ice leaves

Someone turned a BMX bike into a sled.

After sliding down a hill using my face

we retreated and made biscuits

or whatever

Done and done.

Horse in a sweater

Junior gets so excited when it snows he can barely contain himself.

He was humping every snow covered thing in sight.

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H to the N said...

Wh knew that MATTRESS is such a sledding cadillac piece!?!?