Monday, November 12, 2007


New Street Gallery opened a show of new work by sculptor Etienne Jackson Friday night.

Jackson is currently getting an MFA in sculpture at Georgia State. This show is largely the results of experiments Jackson undertook with casting iron in different destructible molds. Using wood, plastic, and cardboard, the iron would burn up the mold, leaving an iron cast of the decomposing form.

Most of the works in the exhibition feel raw - not necessarily finished or precise. Jackson said all of these experiments are helping him understand the limits of different materials as he works towards establishing his own unique process for casting iron sculpture.

This very finished piece stood in contrast to the rest of the show. Almost serving as an example of Jackson's capabilities in metal working and perhaps as the point of departure as Jackson pushes his understanding of process further.

Show up at New Street Gallery through Nov 30th 2007. Check it out.

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