Thursday, November 8, 2007

Plastic Makes Perfect

Last weekend I was back over at Eyedrum and checked out Kristina Arnold's installation "Twins" in the Small Gallery. The installation is loosely paired with the Dead Flowers Show, there are dried up flowers in cups of soil lining the floor after all, but conceptually the installation seems to be going after something altogether different.

Arnold's installation illustrates man's attempt and inability to recreate nature. It also speaks of the permanence of the man made vs. the organic. Originally living flowers bloomed up towards the plastic discs and petals of the knitted hanging flowers.

A couple of weeks later the flowers are shriveled up. But the perky, and kind of creepy, pink flowers are unfazed by passing time. Isn't our plastic waste suppose to continue on indefinitely? Unable to decompose it will be here long after any person or flower.

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