Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Was at the Earl Saturday night. The Atlanta band Club Awesome opened the show. They were pretty fun.

The lead singer showed off his furry chest and wore a furrier hat.

Next came the most bizarre live show I have yet to see.

Dick Cheney. Even scarier in robot form.

Check out the guitar mutation. Captured by Robots played.

The horned trio. The entire band is robots.

Built by this guy, the lead singer, the mastermind, who drives an old Winnebago packed with his robots around the country. This year's tour is called "The Bush Tour."

Crazy Condi was there.

Nancy Pelosi with the symbols and Wolf Blitzer shaking the tambourine.

Not to mention Saddam Husein playing drums.

The robots were incredibly complex, creating heavy metal/hard rock music. There was a lot of Bush screaming about Abu Ghraib and wire tapping, Larry Craig and weapons of mass destruction.

Periodically the Cheney robot would scream "I'm ganna shoot you in the fuckin face!" while his eyes lit up like satan. That joke never got old or any less disturbing.

It was pretty incredible. Speaking of Condi Rice...


Fifth said...

I thought you were talking about Frank Garvey's Omnicircus ( for a second.

Jeremy said...

That's freaking amazing. I've certainly been out of the loop...

Jonathan said...

It's definitely something worth experiencing at least once. I'm begining to think he ought to do a holiday tour with robotic rockettes and creepy christmas music.