Monday, November 19, 2007

Plant More Trees!

Went by Kiang Gallery to see the show "A Billion to One: Dictated Parenthood and the Feudal Mind" by Chinese photographer He Chongyue. The photographs are documentation of Chinese "propaganda walls". The old tiled billboards promote the idea of single child families.

"One Child #8"

Promote Late Marriage - Promote Late Pregnancy. Fewer Births - Quality Births!

"One Child #1"

Plant More Trees - Have Less Babies. Good For the Country - Good for the Family.

"One Child #7"

Harvest Depends on Quality Seed. Having Baby Must Have Quality - Not Quantity.

"One Child #12"
To Have a Warm Harmonious Family - Will Have a Beautiful & Healthy Life

Kiang is also selling a book on the work of Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry.

I think their video work is really incredible.

Apparently they make really large and intense mixed media work as well. I want to see these in person.

"A Billion to One" is in its last week, coming down Nov. 24th 2007. Check it out.

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