Thursday, March 6, 2008

Between Knowing & Remembering (Part I)

That gap, the tricky mind, storytelling, and the archives of where you came from, where you've never been, what you thought you'd think when the moment came and yet you couldn't quite remember...

and that's not really the way your parents tell it anyway.

Such a great show. Bradley McCallum & Jacqueline Tarry. "Another Country" at Kiang Gallery.

The opening was hopping Friday night.

But I'll have to save the art for another post - mulling to do and no time.

Tracy and Cinque. Looking sharp.

Bradley McCallum,wearing a blazered Brice Marden painting, with gallery owner Marilyn Kiang. Hey, there's a card for Fereydoon's show.

Artist Charles Huntley Nelson with the kids and Jacqueline Tarry over his left shoulder.

Refreshments afterwards.

Too sweet, better to look at.

Next thing I knew we were breaking into the swanky Biltmore.

Or wait, was it the Biltmore House? Or the THE Biltmore? Or the Post Biltmore? No, not the Biltmore Hotel. Where were we...trying to go?

"On the other end of that parking garage, down that alley, around the condo, and through the rain. You'll see it, the sign says Biltmore, right across the street from the Biltmore."

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