Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gold Leme Palms

I'd forgotten all about the last $10 I dropped at the Earl

until I hung out with Hanyun and was reminded of the unspoiled pictures sitting on my camera.

Beach House. They sort of sound like an empty old beach house in the winter, maybe one on Pawley's Island, that creaks with the wind and the sound of distant waves vibrate against the windows. But they're from Baltimore.

Lead singer Victoria Legrand seemed much more coherent than the last time I saw her (last year I spent the entire concert breathlessly waiting for her swaying body to keel over the keyboard) but I would have to say their live performances aren't all that enthralling.

Far more interesting are the nutjob music videos which I am fascinated by much like watching earth worms working their way across the sidewalk.

I'm not sure what that's suppose to mean

but whenever there's a beach house, there's gotta be palm trees.


Cinque said...

Um, weren't you supposed to be spending more time in the studio? I assume these are old photos...?

Jonathan said...

Ah, but you see, this is "blog research" and is therefore absolutely necessary. What's that saying? I'll sleep when I'm dead and such.

Brian H. said...

I'm pretty sure that's the back of my head in the lower left hand corner of your black and white shot.


Jonathan said...

oh yeah? Then I was that really annoying guy behind you that took fifteen pictures with a flash. They kept the place so broodingly dark it was impossible to get a good shot...which may have been the point.