Monday, March 3, 2008

Piece of the Pie

Mandie Turner Mitchell made me awares of the Atlanta Percent for Art Campaign’s newly founded website and blog. The website states:

Thirty years have passed since the inception of the Atlanta public art ordinance. The ordinance was adopted to reserve 1.5 percent of capitol improvement budgets for public art; however enforcement of the ordinance and the collection of funds has been irregular based on findings in the 2006 Baseline Allocation for Public Art Report. Without a sustainable program in place, our public spaces have lost millions of dollars in cultural value, and residents have missed opportunities for public performance and education. Citizens who value public art recognize that now is the time for change.

More information here:

Open discussion here:

And befriend the cause here:

Get involved, Atlanta's public art programs need funding desperately, and as it has been previously shown, public art greatly enhances the communities that support it but that art will not materialize without the determination of artists and volunteers to fight for it.

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