Monday, March 31, 2008

Ruby Ruby

Last weekend I hit the road headed for the Country Music Hall of Fame

Or just a few blocks shy of it anyway

for the hanging of something entirely more enjoyable. (though maybe not quite as entertaining?)

Sweet ole quirky Ruby. If galleries were people, she'd be the old feisty short one drinkin and smokin and copin feels on the that old crankster Eyedrum.

If you happen to be in Nashville on Saturday.

I'll be showing with Adam Davis and John Trobaugh, two great artists creating very intelligent and provoking works.

The show was laid out, re-laid out, re-re-laid out.

Things were hung from the ceiling, rocks poured in the corner.

Works by Davis had arrived. His newest venture is a video piece involving karaoke, which I am really looking forward seeing.

Atlanta never lets anyone leave easily, but once out, she makes it so very difficult to get back in.

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Cinque said...

I would suggest that this show along with the current show at "Tag Gallery" (a sister gallery) is worth the drive to Nashville. In the two spaces combined, masculinity and femininity have never been reimagined so freshly.